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  • Hey Nan! I just wanted to say that I really like your cycling of your avatars. Keep it up. Oh yeah, I don't think that your Seven-of-Nine avatar is creepy or anything like that.

    P.S. I don't look anything like my avatar either. LOL!
    Who changed the recruiting site? Orange print on dark blue. Almost unreadable to these old eyes.
    It was fishy btw. Should of mentioned that. "Your lil poll got deleted. You butthurt lil sweetpea." These are not the type of people who should have powers, regardless how long they have been a member. If nothing is done oh well at least its a black mark against him and hes a lil more responsible in the future.
    1/2 I had a thread that i started asking the community via a poll if their should be a premium paid for section on the boneyard. The thread was very civilized and unbiased and was deleted by someone who i believe was on a powertrip and deleted it because they have it out for me and did it out of spite.
    2/2 there was absolutely no reason it should of been removed and i was given no reason as to why either. Please investigate if this person abuses their power then their status should be reviewed. Thank you
    Feel sad that JPlot has upset Ozzie in the remembrance post. Terrible that someone would do that to a fellow yarder while they are in mourning.
    Am a little concerned about the post following DD's new ekmark link from Rich E. Someone seems to be more than a little upset, and I don't think it's really with DD.....
    Any chance someone can update the Forums drop down menu to add the Conference Realignment and Football Recruiting boards? It would definitely make transitioning between all the different boards a lot easier. Thanks!
    I don't have access to that admin function. Send a PM to Tom (temery) and ask him to do it.
    Hi Nan,

    looking for your email and cannot locate an old one. could you email me at have a question for you


    How do you get points ? are they more valuable than green stamps ?
    It has something to do with the number of likes you have.
    I noticed on the recruiting page that you had Courtney Ekmark's verbal date listed as 5/20. I was wondering if that was a typo or if that's the correct date. Your info and overall organization on that page is amazing!
    It's a typo - I'll fix it.
    I had asked a simple question about why Diggins wears a headgard that I have never seen any female basketball player wear in all my years that I have attended and watched girls basketball.You removed my question. Why?
    HuskyNan. Thanks for all you do. I was thinking that Dom Amore's men's blog is still listed as Mike Anthony's blog on your links page. Dom has been on the men's beat for The Courant all year now, so maybe someone could make the change.
    I am now using Firefox as a browser on my Mac. On the home page I can view the icon of the original poster. However, when I go to the posting for the viewpoint of other people the icon is just an empty box. I can nothing in Preferances and the Help section of the Boneyard seems only devoted to the member "category" (don't like) and the rules. Nothing on viewing, etc. Any suggestions?

    Not everyone has an avatar. If you see one for the first poster in thread when looking at the index, you should be able to see his avatar when you go to the thread. If people that respond to the poster have an avatar, you should see thos but if a person never set an avatar up, you will only see an empty box.
    It was helpful previously when link to next page was listed at the bottom as well as top. Now, at least on my computer, if I want to go on to page 2, I must return to top to click on that. Probably this is not the place for this mention but I couldn't find a way to e-mail separately.
    Nan I along with others are trying to figure out all of this:) Can we discuss recruiting at all?????? I am not sure if this is even going to you!
    thanks You do seem as if you would be interesting to chat with. Can we change to pictures avatars? whenever we want?
    Any inf re CDs visit with Russell at her H S & CA players while on the W Coast? How about Turner 2014 elite player who played with Mo on summer Champ Team.
    Would love more chat on potential recruits. Thanks Ira
    Boeing Brown's rated 3-Stars and 89 by 247Sports four points higher than Casey Cochran. He'll go 4* w BCS offers & into the 90's. - Just posted about an hour ago. Do you still talk to his family? A LOT of recruit stuff going on him at Penn State & South Carolina, His FB he's going to PSU this Saturday, I'd hate to lose him from UCONN to those others, we need him.
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