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  1. HuskyFich


    Why is the assumption we lose Tyrese? I mean, he could theoretical get legit scout looks if he continues his rate of play, but otherwise...he is the one we need to get to come back.
  2. HuskyFich

    Gaffney disappointing

    Do you remember what happened to Sanogo last year? This has happened before. Hurley will continue to adjust and tweak the rotations. It’s only been 6 games. He definitely chooses to ride his vets until the younger guys force him to make a move. Which with a deep team, is imo how it should be...
  3. HuskyFich

    Friendly reminder for coaches

    Hurley’s rules: if you can’t play defense at a high level, you’re not playing… diggins would have been torched. I’m all for him getting burn, but if our offense is bad, then we can’t be taking risks on players who bring the defense way down too. It’ll come. We’re still in November folks.
  4. HuskyFich

    First time ever- I didn't care if we won today

    We won the game today and now we’re back to being the grammar police on an online message board? This group is something else lmaooo. (@CTrefugee is this the proper usage of lmaooo, or too many O’s?) I know it was ugly, but these types of mental tests make for a strong team come March...
  5. HuskyFich

    No Whaley

    No one noticed when rese brought the offensive rebound down with about 90 seconds left, and was literally pushed out of bounds, blatant no call? The next play Cole got his 5th and it was over. Adama is a man, but continuing to let him dribble 8 times, never pass, and chuck up 12 foot hook...
  6. HuskyFich

    MSU Opens as 1 pt Favorite.

    True. But then we get an even longer rest for the championship on Friday.
  7. HuskyFich

    Jabari Smith! Jabari Smith! Jabari Smith!

    This had me rollllin. Dykes was like… literally are you talking about man… It was easy to tell Ravech was out of his element…wasn’t able to keep up with the BBQ of Dykes and spent most time talking about the players themselves rather than the flow of the game. It’s almost like he was a...
  8. HuskyFich

    2023 Recruiting Stephon Castle Commits to UConn

    BuT WhAt AbOuT iNfLaTiOn!? All joking aside, I think it has a lot to do with the “other options.” Am I going to sit in the nosebleeds to watch a random NBA game? Or will I sit in the comfort of my house, on my couch, beer in hand, with sideline views in HD with coaching sound bites and...
  9. HuskyFich

    MSU Opens as 1 pt Favorite.

    UConn forum predicts MSU won’t win the game or the NCAAs this year because of Izzo & shoddy play calling.
  10. HuskyFich

    Thoughts on UConn Auburn

    Hope Whaley is okay, sounds like he is. But man, he needs to step up. Some bonehead plays to keep auburn in it late. Not what we should be getting from our DPOY super senior… The foul on the 3…..arghhhhh!!!! AJax value at this point is moving the ball on offense, and that’s it… he got...
  11. HuskyFich

    2023 Recruiting Stephon Castle

    Usually when things go bad, our insiders have something to say…cough @Zionn @Matrim55 cough So I would take the silence as a positive… but this coming from a non insider, just someone observing historical announcement trends on the BY…
  12. HuskyFich

    Bouknight Sent Down!

    Let's take a poll: Who thinks that Rozier, Hayward, Oubre, Ish Smith, Cody Martin, all are on the team by end of season? They sent Kai Jones down too, and look at the D league development as of now, it's been really successful...Mitch Kupchak knows what he's doing
  13. HuskyFich

    2023 Recruiting Stephon Castle

    Hurley right now…
  14. HuskyFich

    OT: Count down to 1st game

    Please….find me a photo of a uconn mens player who wore 8 or 7….or 6
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