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    Bouk vs Jalen Adams

    Maybe this could be has the scoring system (1-10) for players and Bouk's hasn't been filled in yet. What would you score him, and based on your score, what previous players (uconn or otherwise) compare from their database?
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    Updated Resume (2/24)

    One of the analysts after the game was talking about how the committee would only put weight on playing without Bouk if we showed we were kicking butt with him (we have) so he was saying (like OP) that we really need to win out (or minimum 2 of 3) to finish up the season. Odd take since if we...
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    Flurry of Crystal Balls

    Was holding out that keels might end up at uva...totally uncool if he ends up a cookie Sallis will be fun at zags especially if holmgren ends up there too Edit: was going to edit the autocorrect for dookie...but it made me laugh so it stays
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    OT...Virginia vs FSU

    Ya, I'm not totally sure why he isn't getting minutes, but I'd wager it's defense related. With how offensively challenged UVA can be Bennett will have to relent and play him eventually. He's been starting another freshman (who plays good defense but can't score to save his life) so it's not...
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    OT...Virginia vs FSU

    any halfway decent guards hurt us since kihei is generously listed at 5'9". FSU is always a nightmare matchup since they're big and athletic 1-5. If Hauser and Huff aren't each putting up 15/10 we struggle unless woldentensae and/or murphy gets hot from 3 (streakiest couple shooters you'll...
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    The Last Sporting Event You Attended?

    Last attended - Feb 13th, 2020. Avs vs Caps at the Pepsi Center here in Denver Last played - Mar 2nd, 2020. won league championship in soccer...woo!
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    1-16-21 Saturday Viewing Guide

    I thoroughly enjoyed that game, and had a good laugh seeing this banner stat at the end
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    1-16-21 Saturday Viewing Guide

    Going to be a lot of shakeups in the top 25. Several losses in the top 10 and lots of ranked matchups.
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    Drummond big night

    If nothing else he needs to find himself in a better city... Middletown to Detroit to Cleveland...woof (storrs excluded for obvious reasons)
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    Drummond big night

    He can continue putting up ridiculous stats for years on garbage teams then chase titles in his later years like plenty of other bigs have done. Winning will happen eventually and his resume will be plenty good to get in
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    OT: Meltdown In Canada

    This might be the funniest thing I saw. When was JB ever the goat even for a second?
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    Bouk out indefinitely

    why wasn't our S&C team doing more elbow exercises to prevent this type of injury?!?!?!?
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    2022 Recruiting: Corey Floyd Jr. previews college decision

    Scanned this quickly, and was like, what homer analyst is picking Florida?!?! then realized Tre Donaldson prediction is sandwiched between those 2...carry on I know grain of salt and all that...but is it typical for these guys to put a 6 for confidence? Does that not cost them as much clout...
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    OT: Stuff you didn’t know you needed

    I got a massage gun for xmas (went with the knockoff brand - Taotronic ~$130) and it's amazing. I hit my calves, achilles and hamstrings every night for 5-10 min and I'm actually able to run again...had pretty much given up on it due to recurring injuries It's easy to use, and quite enough...
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    Lunardi has us as a 7th seed vs . . .

    why is 6 afraid of 7? because 7 8 9...numbers amiright?
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