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    2020 Recruiting: Aquan Smart

    Liking this because being able to ask if he's "big east ready" again makes me smile
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    OT: Boneyard electricians?

    I do a decent bit of electrical work on larger manufacturing equipment even though background is ME, and I learned that if I don't know how to wire something I sure as hell don't try and mess with it. Take fishy's an electrician. Too many people out there that watched a YouTube...
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    Va Lost By 29 to Purdue 69-40

    We lost all of our offense from a team that already didn't put up a lot of points. If we can't keep a team under 50 we're going to struggle to beat them simple as that. Also, one of the worst 3pt shooting teams under bennett. I'm just glad Edwards graduated or we might have lost by 100!
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    Busting Brackets: Buy Or Sell UConn?

    The writer actually did his homework on us, too. Pretty accurate write up...on us, however.... How do people keep labeling the squid as "one of the best in-game coaches in the game"???
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    Anyone deep frying their turkey?

    Make sure it's fully thawed, Pat it dry with paper towels then I leave it overnight in the fridge so it continues to dry out. I pull it out about am hr or 2 before I drop it in so it comes up to room temp Oil to 350 then it'll drop once the bird is in, then I keep it 325-350 and go 3min/lb...
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    (Happy Thanksgiving) What are you most thankful for regarding our Huskies this year?

    That we're a fun team to watch again and players are clearly developing for the first time in years. The kids have passion again, which is contagious. Not very often this happens but on Sunday at the same time I had UVA on ESPN and UCONN on ESPN2 (or vice versa...cant' remember) and it was...
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    OT: Hit me with your best Thanksgiving side dishes

    I've been deep frying turkey for the last few years so that's made it palatable. Over the years have also switched from crunchy green beans to green bean casserole...side effect of marrying a southern girl (i still prefer my vegetables quick saute and not soggy). We just did a "real...
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    Way too early thoughts on AAC rerank

    Was just looking back at the ESPN preseason predictions for AAC order of finish. Memphis should still be #1, but will probably see some up and down results while wiseman is out. 2 and 3 though with Cinci and Houston look like they could both just as easily be somewhere in the 5-8 range...
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    whiteout mojo.....

    Crowd sounded good on tv, but there was one hilarious moment when they checked in with Greenberg in the crowd. It was probably halfway through the 2nd half and Greenberg asked the students around him "what are you guys going to do to get your huskies back into this game?" and the students...
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    OT: Burlington Breweries

    Derail time... stop at Pie in the Sky (i hope it's still there...) for some awesome brick oven pizza...they also serve beer edit: i stand corrected, "stone hearth pizza" not brick oven. It's been a while
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    So how many Trick or Treaters did you have?

    hundreds...went through 3 costco sized bags in the first hour the whole neighborhood does the parade thing in the park right in front of my house at 530 and then right at 545 they's terrifying
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    Amount of Players in NBA by College

    Is purvis still bouncing around the G league now? He was in the league for a minute with Orlando, I think
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    OT Scary Movies and Shows

    I liked Hereditary but watched Midsommar last night and thought it was such a waste. Spectacular visuals with such a cut and dry cult plot that dragged on forever Some more recent ones I really liked:. The witch (though I don't quite understand the rave reviews), cabin in the woods, it...
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    OT Scary Movies and Shows

    Halloween 4, 1, 2 in that order. Remakes are getting better (after they got really awful) but still not in the same conversation The original It tv movie scared the crap out of me when I saw it when I was like 12. Really enjoyed the remake part 1, and looking forward to seeing part 2...
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    2021 Offer- Hunter Sallis #9 PG

    I was laughing reading this thread thinking exactly this