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    UCONN 150 - 1

    I was in Vegas over the weekend and got 125-1 odds. I could only bring myself to put a $20 down. The $2,500 will be nice if they win but I'll very happily accept a sweet 16 run after the last 5 years.
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    Shabaaz Napier to the Warriors?

    Not really what happened, watched most the Nets games last year....once the other guards got healthy in 2nd half of season there were no minutes for him anymore. He played well enough in 1st half of season when he had the opportunity but healthy Levert, Dinwiddie and even Crabbe were ahead of...
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    UConn free agents: Kemba, Rudy & JLamb

    Is Bazz staying with Nets? I think they have the option 2nd year? Would prefer he be in a spot as a true backup PG, too many guards on Nets and he showed in 1st half of season he could play until all the injured came back.
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    RJ Cole to UConn

    I now officially despise the transfer sit a year rule....I need UConn to be good again for my mental well being. I think we'll be better this year but I hope it's enough to keep me close to sane.
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    Sean Miller

    What I find the funniest about the whole Sean Miller saga is that AZ still thinks Miller will get them a title. He always gets great talent and does less with more than any coach in NCAA. AZ imo might be better off moving on whether Miller skates by or not. I think AZ will get talent enough to...
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    Sean Miller

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    OT: 2019 NBA Playoffs

    Rudy Gay with 19 points last night as Spurs force a game 7 in Denver on Sat......last Husky standing in playoffs.
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    Jaylin Hunter commits to ODU

    Next ;)
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    The Boneyard Greatest TV Show of All-Time Tournament

    "Best" is obviously a personal thing......the 20 scripted shows I enjoy the most and always go back to (in no particular order) Breaking Bad The Office Wire Seinfeld MASH Better Call Saul Chappelle's Show The Bob Newhart Show True Detective Season 1 Fargo Columbo X-Files Veep Deadwood Curb...
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    Borges: UConn looking to fill two spots

    We all know who the 2 potential program departures are, one may not be able to play anymore & one may need to play at a lower level. If one or both can fully contribute going forward then I'm all for them staying on scholarship. However, with only 12 next year and our front-court depth lacking...
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    Joel Ntambwe (UNLV Transfer)

    Yes self-serving but kids should be allowed to transfer & play right away if the head coach leaves a program for whatever reason. When a coach leaves a program the remaining players future is in the hands of the new coach who can have an entirely different vision about the players he wants.
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    Houston and UCF did a great job representing the AAC

    As opposed to the Squid? Give me Pearl 7 days a week over that buffoon.
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    AAC 2019-20 Diaper Dandies

    Wonder if ESPN will start to include AAC in their "power 6" and expand to 7 next year? Considering AAC home is ESPN & BE is Fox maybe they'll wake-up and embrace the new landscape ;)