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    2021 Recruiting: Jordan Hawkins

    I went to RHS in the early 70s and we never played teams from MD. We only played in the CVC vs South Windsor, Bloomfield, Plainville, etc. Oh - theres another Rockville Rams team - my bad
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    2021 Recruiting: Jordan Hawkins

    this was the one player I wanted the most for this class - he is, to me, the best overall guard on both sides of the ball by far. I cannot believe he was so underappreciated - just watching the kid you had to know that he is special. If it does come to fruition - it's all I want for my birthday...
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    Poll: Best RECRUIT Hurley has landed this far?

    HAWKINS. I started talking about this kid on here before anyone started - a friend turned me on to him last April. I want him so bad-I just hope L'ville doesn't sneak in
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    Bouknight Replacement

    Bouk still needs to show me he is "that guy" - not at all saying he won't be but we shall see If UConn lands Hawkins there is no doubt in my mind he will be "the guy" I think Martin has a chance to be special but he is not Hawkins
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    OT: ESPN Article on NBA China Academies

    The NBA has turned into a joke - the administration is greedy and that causes them to be ignorant of moral well being. The players, especially the "superstars" who have become spokespeople for political arenas speak out of both sides of their mouths - they ignore the sweatshops of corporations...
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    UConn: Cancelling 2020 Season An Option?

    unless it is 2013-14, right?
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    Big East Fan Shop

    Nike - meh I have lots of old UConn BE stuff to wear Maybe when UConn wins the league title in March 2021
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    Lunardi Bracketology - July 29

    According to many here UConn will be competing for the NBE title yet we are a 10 seed?? Head bang I think if UConn makes it to the dance above a play-in status I will be thrilled just to be a participant. But we need a season first..............................
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    OT: RIP Lou Henson

    He had some really nice teams at Ilini but they never panned out except that late 80's team that had Kendall Gill, Marcus Liberty, Nick Anderson, Kenny Battle and Larry Smith (plus a few others I have forgotten. I remember them beating Cuse to get to Final Four and should have bested Michigan in...
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    Starting Lineup for Our Return to the BEAST

    If Jackson can defend and mix it up for the boards, Polley isn't going to see the floor except when DH feels he needs some 3 pt shooting. I just don't see Polley coming back and eager to get physical - something that doesn't come naturally for him. Hopefully this isn't the case but my gut tells...
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    2021 Recruiting: Remaining Recruits

    I have been talking Hawkins for a long time on the BY - he is the kid I wanted most I just hope the Diggins recruitment doesn't thwart interest on either side I want this kid bad - he is unreal
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    2021 Recruiting: Remaining Recruits

    I thought I saw Stallone at Gampel that night
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    2021 UConn Football Commit - Deondrick Speight (Miami Florida)

    Another recruit and adding more athleticism Welcome aboard Deondrick!! Get job RE2 and staff Loading up on that talent
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    Need Honda Mechanic Recommendation

    Jon Avitable at Meinecke on New Britain Avenue in West Hartford is where I go with my Subaru and my wife's Honda He has always treated me fair. Tell him his banker sent you!! I have heard great things about Absolute Auto also