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    Use this thread to voice your frustration

    To be honest. I thought DH did his best job this season to date. The team had some set plays and ran them effectively. I think he managed Bouk's minutes rather well. There still needs ton of work offensively and he needs to do a better job of pairing strengths and weaknesses when sending out...
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    A+ games for Hurley and Cole

    Cole was absolutely the MVP of the game for UConn. Without him this is a L I don't know what hit DH but they had some GREAT set pieces and ran a few plays Refreshing Good win - NEXT
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    Is Andre ready to take a bigger role?

    so, if he feels that Sanogo wont/should be the leading scorer means he can't like Sanogo as much as anyone? That's convoluted If Cole is the leading scorer then the team is in trouble and unless a big is totally dominant they usually aren't the main scorer - Hawkins, Cole, Martin, Sanogo and...
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    Is Andre ready to take a bigger role?

    Maybe that is being drilled into their heads?
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    Is Andre ready to take a bigger role?

    If Hawkins doesn't start from day 1 I will be very surprised but I do know one thing, he will turn many heads by the end of the season - nationally
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    Who is Hurley's Howie/Blaney? Does he have one?

    The question needs to be asked - does DH want to have any kind of sideline mentor? Don't think it fits his personality/ego I do know that if he has one now - I'd be looking for a change and quickly
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    Will Bouknight be ready to go on Tuesday night?

    Will Bouk be ready on Tuesday? That's the topic - To me the question will be "Will Bouk be there at the end of the game?" Will he get hurt again or will DH burn him out? I'm still trying to figure out what literal million dollars are and trying to find a gym with pros so my grandkids can hang...
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    Scouting Georgetown

    They shoot the ball better than most would think. Their inside game can be strong as long as they stay out of foul trouble Pat Ewing has done a wonderful job keeping this team and program together weathering all the BS he has faced.
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    Tonight.... Cuse @ Dook ....

    A tie ballgame when Napoleon Cuomo shuts the state down with less than 5 minutes left in the game to use the dome as a place to house the only healthy people left in NYC and have them watch his Emmy acceptance ceremony. NCAA officially calls it a tie and neither team is helped
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    Transfer - AJ Bramah

    A 6"7" guard who can shoot - very interesting
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    Need more high level offensive talent

    More freaking BS blaming KO Sometimes people never grow up Whalley has been very good at what he does, JC had a strong sophomore year then DH bloated him in the off season and he has been unable to or given the chance to return this season. Polley has been hurt and I will agree has been...
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    Shabazz with Puerto Rico National Team ahead of FIBA qualifiers.

    That's only about 30% accurate. There are tons of players better than many who are the last 3 on the roster strength of most teams - economics play a much bigger part than you realize. A lot of guys don't want to be practice fodder.
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    Shabazz with Puerto Rico National Team ahead of FIBA qualifiers.

    Bazz was there also. Tremont's clock to Europe or the G League is ticking loudly
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    Hurley: "I didn't think our problems were at the defensive ends of the court. Our issues were on offense."

    Teams usually don't shoot well or run effective offenses to create the best opportunities when it appears to be not a priority and are not taught how to take advantage of an opponents changing weaknesses This team has a decent defense because that has been the only emphasis of the game that has...
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    tyler polley

    Couldn't agree more WE HAVE NO ONE WHO CAN RELIABLY SHOOT THE 3 It seems to be part of DH's philosophy of an effective offense
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