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    Syracuse making it is a disgrace

    My guess is they were factoring in the fact that they went 4-5 when Boeheim was suspended and probably deserved a 10 seed based on their play when he was there. Still, you can't just pretend those games didn't happen. And if you do, why not pretend our games when Brimah was hurt didn't happen...
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    And here's another thing wrong with the AAC

    I think you answered that for us.
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    XL and Uconn Contract

    Other than UMass, which will move on campus eventually once their stadium gets expanded, we play our home football games the furthest from campus of any FBS school. UCLA is second, but they're in a major city where land is expensive and hard to come by. We don't have that excuse. And they play...
  4. Gregory Koch quarterfinals TV!

    As I recall, they weren't on TV last year either, though they were on the AAC's website, so everyone could view them free of charge regardless of their internet provider. Still, pretty much every cable/internet provider will give you access to the ESPN3 exclusive events, though the list of ones...
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    No Streaming of Senior Day Ceremonies [but see update pinned at top]

    Most every cable/internet provider will give you the ESPN3 exclusive games. Where it gets limited are for the games that are also on TV on the ESPN family of networks. Those are through WatchESPN, which has different rules.
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    L.J. Mazzilli suspended 50 games

    Didn't his dad get in trouble for cocaine when he was in the big leagues? Then again, pretty much the entire Pittsburgh Pirates roster did, even the mascot.
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    If Diaco wants fans to stay until the end of the game...

    Here's what you do to keep fans in the stands - run some promotion similar to the Buffalo Wild Wings at the basketball games, but instead of using ticket stubs, hand out coupons at the end of the game to fans as they're leaving the stadium. And it should be something that won't get the fans...
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    Syracuse self imposes one year ban for THIS season

    UConn had a vote in the rule change that led to the BET ban being imposed on us, and judging by the fact that it passed unanimously, evidently voted for it themselves. I said back when the Big East passed that rule that it was a good rule but I didn't want to see them going and granting a waiver...
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    Syracuse self imposes one year ban for THIS season

    They're banned from the ACC Tournament too. Funny how nobody here is whining about how unfair this is. Yet when we were banned from the Big East Tournament because of our NCAA Tournament ban, that was so horrible. LOL.
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    Future AAC schedules released

    So we can play them home and away. If they had done it the other way and switched the 2017 matchups with the 2016 matchups, we would have alternated who we were playing in the crossover matchups, but then it would have been harder to make sure we go to Texas every other year instead of two years...
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    Future AAC schedules released

    We actually play Tulane twice more before we play Tulsa - once at home and once on the road. It's an oddity in the schedule. But 2015 starts a new rotation, where we play half of the West division home and home over two years, then the other half home and home over two years. It just so happens...
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    The Boneyard Bowl Pick 'Em Challenge

    Am I the only one who isn't able to make picks? It's telling me the bowl matchups haven't been announced yet.
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    Boneyard Weekly Pick 'EM - week 4 (Sept 20)

    GT @ Virginia Tech Iowa @ Pitt Maryland @ Syracuse Army @ WF UNC @ECU Rutgers @ Navy Utah @ Michigan Oklahoma @WVU Clemson @ FSU Miami (FL) @ Nebraska
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    Could this playoff scenario play out?

    They are not eligible for the three Contract Bowls (unless they make the Playoff.) However, they are eligible for the three "Host Bowls" - Fiesta, Cotton, and Peach. Those berths will go to the Best Conference Champion from the Group of Five and the five highest ranked teams not already in a...
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    men's soccer at Rentschler Field

    Depends. A lot of the fans are students. If the University provided transportation like they do for basketball and football, maybe. If not, we might get better attendance but it will be completely dead.