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    Fun Fact on Carlton

    So @Chief00 is to blame?;) If that’s the case it should be reversible. Maybe with different conditioning he progresses from the end of last season. It’s not guaranteed but it’s certainly the preferable outcome for a kid who stuck with the program. Nelson’s point is we prefer to discard...
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    Fun Fact on Carlton

    Good analysis. Towards the end of last season many of us felt Josh was going to be a big factor towards an improved season this year. The question is why the regression. Is it a loss of confidence? Is it that our poor 3pt shooting has allowed more double and triple teaming of Josh? Is it...
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    Last year was about Whaley not applying himself preparing for games the way coaches wanted. The conversation Hurley had with at the end of last season obviously benefited Whaley. Agree that Hurley is probably as surprised as the rest of us to get the type of play he’s shown the past three...
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    Bouk Club Poll - Who is the Comp?

    He’s a scorer like Rip. Silky smooth. Second place would be Jalen Adams in that he has slow starts. Hope this changes.
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    Playing Without Akok

    The only wrinkle in the OP is how much softer is the team playing to avoid foul trouble as a result of lack of depth and how much is related to Akok's absence. Otherwise it's a great starting point. Akok played 700 minutes until his injury. Josh currently ( as of 2/23) played 590 minutes and...
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    USF on Sunday

    Step 1: Being Competitive! Step 2: Winning! All other factors are a distant third. The potential for a bright future is apparent. So people want to be on board at the beginning. It's the reason wifey and I went to C of C. Let's hope the outcome supports our outlook.
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    Interesting article - Donovan Clingan

    Terrific article. A horrible loss to the family and world. It's very likely Donovan would have been a class act anyways but the tragedy has strengthened his resolve. Would love to see him land at UConn just based on his character. And making foul shots do win games. And lose them when they...
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    I felt he played essentially the same way in this game he has his played his entire career. But then again I don't judge a player only on the last few minutes of a game but what said player contributes over the entire game.
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    Want this kid to play in the postseason really badly. Moment he was consoling Akok I wanted him to be a hero more than any time this season.
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    Vital - Kenpom AAC POY (thus far)

    Cumberland went off for 22, 28, 17, and 24 points in his previous four games. CV was the primary guard who held him to 9 points. CV frustrated a genuinely talented player who would be talented in any league at any point in the history of the game. Not many UConn players in the past would...
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    Vital - Kenpom AAC POY (thus far)

    DaveHuskiesFan said: Seems like a lot of people see what they want to see. You Replied: Love the irony on the irony.
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    Chiefs00 Briefs - Cincy Edition

    If someone told me Sid essentially couldn’t play, Akok is still mired in a horrible freshman slump on both ends of the floor and Josh once again suited up for the opposing team there is no way I’d predict a win. Hopefully the team builds on this and gains some confidence because the really...
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    CV hacking up bad 3's at the end of games

    He'll support someone else and you and several other posters will dump on someone else if the team underperforms.
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    CV hacking up bad 3's at the end of games

    You're both correct. Vital and Gilbert are not clutch in tight situations. Unfortunately no one else has stepped up either. It was particularly obvious in this game. So you have to play the percentages in spite of the bad options. Dave never advocated for Vital taking end of game shots. He...