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    2020 Recruiting: Javonte Brown-Ferguson Announcement Date

    Negative Comment about the AAC imo.
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    Three Takeaways – Sacred Heart edition

    Confidence thing imo. Would have won by thirty if Josh and Sid could have made their bunnies and Tyler made the dunk and a couple more threes. They are two juniors and a sophomore but with little playing time at those grades. Let's see what we get from them after a third of the season goes by.
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    UConn in the NBA, 2019/20

    Some real clutch shooting by Terry.
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    UConn in the NBA, 2019/20

    How was he and his teammates on defense? His team lost by a large margin in spite of JA's play.
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    Sid Vicious

    Having players motivate one another makes life easier for the coaching staff.
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    Sid Vicious

    He missed three or four shots in a row in which he did everything right to get into position to make a basket (execution) but failed to finish. Outside of that failed hustle play and one play he lost his player on defense, there was a lot to like about Sid's overall game. I'm not worried about...
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    Looking good for Javonte

    You're obviously an advanced scroller. Takes me 2 minutes and 20 seconds.
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    Report Card vs Sacred Heart

    It's been a long time since anyone called me a whipper snapper. That's why I gave you a like. At least I understand the rational for the large font. Thought you were trolling given you hardly post here.
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    Pioneer ThoughtZ™

    That quote was for the first half. And a good part of that ugliness was the amount of whistle blowing by the refs that took away any sort of rhythm. The biggest negative was allowing 11 offensive rebounds in that half. Part of that was playing tight perimeter defense. I felt this entire...
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    Shout Out To The Student Section!

    Music to my ears.
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    First Cuse, now Pitt

    If you hate being that guy then why be that guy. Who cares about details when there is a Syracuse diss going on. :cool:
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    Report Card vs Sacred Heart

    Loved his block and reaction. It was nasty in a great way.
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    Report Card vs Sacred Heart

    And guess where this fan came from? You do realize there is a lot of cleanup in aisle football that doesn't need to find it's way here.
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    Briefzzzz: O Pioneers!

    And the specter of Chief continues to haunt The Boneyard.
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    First Cuse, now Pitt

    Pitt was chair of the BE. They were the deciding vote on refusing the ESPN offer given to the BE before the breakup. A short time later the announcement came they were going to the ACC. They were the first domino and the only university that left who submarined the contract. I love dumping...