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    Stock trading

    The best way to end up with a million dollar stock portfolio? Start with two million.
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    Wake Fires Danny Manning

    He did a mediocre job when he was here coaching Tulsa. Wake was smitten by the name and his rep as a player. He is not head coaching material. Coaches always come to Tulsa thinking it's going to be the springboard to something bigger: Buzz Peterson, Steve Robinson, Doug Wojcik. It only worked...
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    Ticketmaster and the AAC Championship Tournament

    I had tickets for the Tulane game on opening day. I was prepped to watch the Huskies make their run to the Big Dance. COVID-19 intervened. Dream over. I had a hotel and rental car booked. Hotel and rental car issued no-muss, no-fuss refunds weeks ago. I am still waiting for Ticketmaster...
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    AAC Tournament Cancelled

    The hysteria is feeding on itself.
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    Game Day Haiku UConn vs Tulane AAC Tournament Edition

    Nine years post-Kemba, CV and Bouknight shine bright. Four wins in four days.
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    Tulane Role Call

    Spousal unit and I will be in the stands at Dickies Arena lending our voices to the U-C-O-N-N cheer. 2011: 5 wins in 5 days. 2020: 4 wins in 4 days. Can I get a witness?
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    Our best overall player is

    Vital is going to carry us from the AAC Tournament to the Big Dance. No further questions, Your Honor.
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    Game Day Haiku...SMU

    Tulsa? I was there. Loyal fan. Call of duty. I’ll be at Moody.
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    Game Day Haiku UConn vs Tulsa

    Seen all five games here. Bagel at Reynolds Center, Farewell on up note?
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    Farewell to Uconn tomorrow?

    Sent to the TU season ticket holders...
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    Looking ahead to Tulsa on Thursday

    Elijah Joiner drilled a double-clutch, falling-down, game-winning three-pointer as time expired to lift Tulsa to a 54-51 win over No. 23 Wichita State and send Tulsa fans spilling onto the court at Reynolds Center in celebration. The place could be rocking tomorrow night. In an email to TU...
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    Final Minute vs. Tulane

    A new variation on the Roscoe Smith clock-take, this time from a coach.
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    OT: Sports terms you can't stand/are tired of.

    "the next level" How many levels are there exactly?
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    After Under 4 Minute Timeout Offensive Possessions

    These days? How about for 2+ years? Bad hands, no hops, no clue on how to finish is not a winning combination for a big.