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    Biggest sports annoyances

    When every dead play moment at live sporting events has to be filled with pumped-in ear-splitting music courtesy of the venue: pre-game, halftime, timeouts, between innings, between pitches. Fifteen second stoppage of play? Blare some noise from the speakers! Is this supposed to get the fans...
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    OT: If you lived on campus, where did you live?

    1970 Sprague 1971 Belden, Alumni Quad 1972 Belden 1973 Coventry
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    Charleston Classic

    Any info on when or how the tickets are delivered? I bought mine, but haven't received anything. I didn't even get an email confirmation that I purchased them. But the charge is there on my credit card.
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    Big East Conference All Time Hated Players

    Eric Devendorf, Gerry McNamara, Andy and Leo Rautins. All Cuse. Imagine that.
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    A UConn Guide to the Big East

    I'm bummed that I am going to miss out on hating Chris Mullin as a rival coach as much as I hated him as a rival player.
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    RIP Bill Buckner

    Ted Turner has Lewy body dementia. Actor Robin Williams was diagnosed with the disease posthumously. The US government has spent $6 trillion on the War on Terror. I, for one, am less terrorized by the prospect that a jihadist will blow up my plane, than I am about receiving a news that I, or a...
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    Boneyard Off Season Dad Jokes

    What did Buddha say to the hot dog vendor? Make me one with everything.
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    Thank You from The UConn Daily

    How about some where-are-they-now pieces about former Huskies? Not just the big names, but the countless role players that endeared themselves to UConn fans over the years.
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    Shades of Marcus Johnson

    Even as a freshman, Roscoe could rebound. Sid has not yet demonstrated that he can. But Sid has not thrown up any desperation buzzer-beater heaves with 11 seconds to go on the clock, so he does have that over Roscoe.
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    Akok training with Coach Sal

    Freshman Giffey had 14 points in the Maui championship game in November, 2010 when we beat Kentucky. That was his fifth game as a Husky. People were "questioning whether he was a UConn-level talent"? When exactly was that? Games 1-4?
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    Most entertaining coach on the sidelines

    How did #7 get an invite? Since when is nose-picking entertaining?
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    Costly Blown Call in Memphis Game

    Tardy in posting this, but this missed called still irks me. CV hits Tarin with homerun pass after a timeout and his dunk pulls us within 8. Maurice inbounds the ball for Memphis with his foot clearly on the court. Ref standing ten feet away is totally oblivious. Should have been our ball under...
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    Tyler Polley

    Or a very good D3 player.
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    When losses don’t draw a reaction

    You left off the best part of it. Reporter: What do you think is happening to the team? Richardson: The ship be sinking. Reporter: How far can it sink? Richardson: Sky's the limit.
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    Cheeseburger and Fries, Let's Go Beat These Tulsa Guys, Gameday Haiku Thread

    Been to the game here Four years straight, nary a win, Different tonight?