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    Maya Moore Sitting Out 2020 [merged thread]

    Bless her heart
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    Conditioning: Has UConn lost its edge?

    I miss those halcyon days when UConn just ran other teams down. A few minutes after halftime the other team's legs would turn to stone and the Huskies would run rampant. I don't think UConn's conditioning is worse since those days. To the contrary, I think their opponents' conditioning is...
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    Prognosticators Game 18 (Creamsicle Orange) Predictions

    Ever Emerging Huskies 82, Nameless Philistines 58
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    I love her fully hinged wrist release. Early in the season she was guiding shots, now she's dialed in to a point where she just looks and releases - rests her wrist on the rim, as the shooting teacher used to say. I think she has a mid-range, pull-up jumper hidden in there somewhere, too.
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    Tulsa Postgame Thread

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    Paige Daily Video Allotment

    Love the way it was refereed. Paige sure isn't the only good player on her team. I wonder what the over/under is for how many games Paige will play at UConn before she literally breaks an opponent's ankles.
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    Prognosticators Game 17 (Tulsa) Predictions

    Huskies 85 - 42
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    UCF Postgame Thread

    Geno says they don't learn anything from blowout wins. That being the case, the last two games have been massive learning experiences. Crystal. Crystal. Crystal. Game changer deluxe.
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    Memphis Postgame Thread

    Olivia should watch tapes of Kara Wolters. Kara knew how important it is for a tall player to KEEP THE BALL UP HIGH so defenders, however short, cannot reach in for it. I don't care how strong she gets over the summer or over the next two years, if she keeps lowering the ball to her waist every...
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    Prognosticators Game 15 (Memphis) Predictions

    Huskies 83, Memphis 54
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    Baylor UConn down 1 with 4 minutes left

    We make most of the bunnies we missed, shoot halfway decent on the other shots, we win by ten. Baylor is a super team. Should be a good learning experience. Nothing to be ashamed of.
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    OT: Anyone see the Secret Deodorant commercial with Swin in it?

    Yes! I saw her and recognized her, but I couldn't believe my eyes. Glad to know it really WAS her. Good for her!
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    ESPN Article Baylor vs. UConn

    Faint praise indeed.
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    Berube's Princeton Team Makes Top 25

    Princeton's been ranked on two previous occasions, 2012 and 2015. They're the only Ivy League team ever to make the Top 25. Oh yeah, Huskies are number 1.