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    OT: Shepard suffers ACL injury, will miss rest of WNBA rookie season

    What a shame! She and Pheesa have a real connection established already. I love her pass-first mentality and the edgy passes she isn't afraid to try. Terrible loss.
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    Pheesa dropped 27...

    Pheesa was everywhere, just like always. It's going to be a good summer...
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    OMG KLS Black Eye(s)

    I saw a WNBA Chicago Sky ad video on Twitter a few minutes ago. It's a good one. Lou flashes at least one, and I believe I saw, two (both), black eyes. But she's smiling and effervescent, as always. She's gotten 6 and 7 rebounds in the two box scores I've seen of Sky preseason games - very...
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    OT: Celtics Basketball Great John, Hondo, Havlicek Passes Away at 79

    Great basketball player. I read an article once that speculated he logged over 10 miles per game. He had a motor that never stopped. Until yesterday. His childhood neighbors in Martins Ferry, Ohio were the Niekro brothers, Joe and Phil. Lou and Alex Groza also lived in town, though they were...
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    Mikayla Coombs to Transfer

    I'm sad, but I'm happy there is a probability I'll get to see her play a LOT more often now. I love to watch her play: speed to burn, great defense, hops galore! This is one of those teary moments which is probably advantageous to both parties. More PT for other guards at UConn. More PT for...
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    Guess Who's a Texting Buddy of Tiger

    Geno, natch. Here's a link to a New Haven Register story about Joe LaCava, Tiger's caddy. He reveals some stuff about Tiger I didn't know before, it's a good behind-the-scenes glimpse of their working relationship. Tiger communicates with his close friends and advisors with texts and one of...
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    Congrats to ND

    We're 1-1 against ND this season. We trounced them at ND and they nipped us on a neutral court. I can't concede ND has a better team. Onward. Great season. No one has a reason to hang their head. The epic tale of Pheesa and Lou at UConn has ended. The new era of Christyn and Olivia is just...
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    Inspiring Song(s)

    Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald wrote this song in 1979. CBS used it for their 1980 NCAA Basketball Championship promos. It's been a source of inspiration for me over the years. They had planned it as a love song but Kenny's dad was worried about an upcoming heart surgery, so Kenny changed...
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    Bulletin Board Material

    Don't you think calling Geno a bully will motivate the team?
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    Bulletin Board Material

    This is taken from an article in today's New Haven Register by Jeff Jacobs: "In an piece that went online the other day, McGraw said of Auriemma: “I just think he likes to have somebody to bully. It was Pat (Summitt) for a while. I don’t back down from him. And he is always right...
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    Not Geno's Best Look (merged thread)

    that's when he started to equivocate. He even says, "We don't want people to abuse the system. I get that. I'm all in favor of that." But he couldn't unsay what he said earlier.
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    Not Geno's Best Look (merged thread)

    I'm liking that this subject has the potential for discussion, however, I want to make it clear I posted this story because it was listed among the "Top Headlines" on the ESPN home page. Rarely is WCBB the subject of a story listed there, so when I saw "Auriemma: most coaches 'afraid' of their...
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    Not Geno's Best Look (merged thread)

    Here's an article from today's home page by Mechelle Voepel. It's an interview from a conference call with the Final Four coaches. Geno bit on the question, which was about the recent spate of charges/investigations into abuses by coaches in WCBB programs. The other Final Four coaches...
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    ESPN ATH Panel WCBB NC Picks

    On ESPN's Around the Horn sports talk show today, the panelists made their NCAA WCBB national champion picks. Clinton Yates picked ND. Frank Isola picked UCONN (as he did in the Regional), Bob Ryan picked Baylor as did Tim Cowlishaw, though Cowlishaw equivocated some and allowed it would be...
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    Charlie Creme UCONN Praise

    This is a quote from Charlie Creme taken from ESPN's story today about the women's Final Four: "If Walker and Williams are producing at a level commensurate with their abilities, similar to the way they did against Louisville, UConn might just have the best starting five in Tampa." I couldn't...