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    best beach in CT

    Tod's Point in Old Greenwich and Sasco Beach in Southport.
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    Spirit Airlines?

    I just got back from a trip to visit EricSanDiego in LA, and I flew Spirit. Let me tell you, the flight was fine. I paid an extra $10 bucks for an emergency row seat which gave me 3 more feet of leg room. It was great. Round trip from Newark to LA was less than $300 and I booked a rental car for...
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    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Um, you spelled his name wrong. It's Fatukasi.
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    2018 UConn Commit - Noah Iden (North Kingston RI) PWO

    Iden has raised over $5000 for childhood cancer research, honoring his mom who's a cancer survivor. A great kid and already a winner.
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    Oh Boo Hoo Hoo: Then Quit Dammit!

    Hard to figure out which was his best year, but by 1865 he looked near death.
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    Aaron Hernandez Commits Suicide

    My only sympathy is for his family and friends, and the family and friends of his victims, for what he's put them through.
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    Best Dive Bars in CT

    The Horseshoe in Southport.
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    Seriously, every time the camera was on Kennard he was pulling all his hair forward, to the point of distraction.
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    Uconn/Cincy Game time

    You just want to be argumentative. I get it. You're more hardy than I.
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    Uconn/Cincy Game time

    Because in the beginning of the season it's usually warm and stays light out until nearly 9:00. I hate tailgating in the cold and dark, freezing in the stands, and a long drive home feeling tired and not arriving until after midnight.
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    Uconn/Cincy Game time

    That game time sucks! We shouldn't have any 8PM games unless it's the first one of the season.
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    Yankee Clipper and Connecting Train Service for Saturday

    The link doesn't work, but it appeared to be taking me to Fox News, anyway, so...
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    New UConn fundraising video

    The video is okay, but you know what strikes me most when watching it? Why can't Warde Manual lose some weight? He's the "Athletic Director" and he's obese.
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    UConn football gear/t-shirts

    Go to and search for UConn gear. Great prices, sale stuff, new logo, free shipping. I got 2 quarter zip sweatshirts for $40.
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    Watching women's game Sunday in Hartford area

    I'll be joining some friends/alums from MA to watch the game at our halfway point, the Hartford area. Any suggestions for bars to meet up with like-minded fans? It'd be great to go to a place with the game on multiple TVs, good beer and bar food, and packed with Husky brethren.
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