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    Who is the Uconn GOAT? It's all in the numbers...maybe.

    I'll go with Diana. The one national championship she didn't win was her freshman year after two starters went down with season-ending injuries, and she had the worst game of her career- 1 for 15 shooting against Notre Dame. I've never seen a more amazing basketball player. Ever.
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    NCAA sets a Nov 25 start date

    Connecticut congressman Jahana Hayes is sick with Covid-19, her temperature spiking, her breathing more difficult. She had quarantined before when her husband, a Waterbury police detective, came down with the disease. This is widespread, and no one is safe. Not congressmen, not basketball...
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    NCAA sets a Nov 25 start date

    Don't bet the rent money on this. Long time to go, and things are worsening....
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    Good News.....So Far

    I hear ya. Actually, I was wrong about the percentage positive. Today it was up to 1.6%, and Governor Lamont is worried. The number hospitalized is now over 70, the highest number since July... If only it were a matter of opinion....If only it weren't real.....
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    Good News.....So Far

    A word of caution. Connecticut's positive rate is now above 1%, this week 1.2%. We've had a 44% increase in positive cases over the previous week. And infections per 100,000 population, which used to be 1 or 2, is now 5. We used to have the lowest or second lowest infection rate in the...
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    2022 guard KK Bransford announces top-12

    Maya Nnaji. Amazing talent.
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    Lou's play in the WNBA

    I just wonder whether her injury has recurred, whether it is causing her either pain and/or making it difficult to maneuver. A tremendous talent like KLS just doesn't all of a sudden become timid; doesn't all of a sudden shoot under 30% for a season from three; doesn't all of a sudden, after...
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    Ominous Campus Covid Event - Residence Hall Quarantine [Merged Thread]

    U of Alabama had something like 560 positive cases last time I checked. Are students' lives there being sacrificed in order to get the football season in?
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    OT: Tough times with weather, Covid, etc for many of us.

    My wife and I are both at risk, cancer survivor and immunocompromised. So we're both staying home mostly, We're lucky to be in Connecticut, which has achieved now one of the lowest rates of new infections in the country. But here in southwestern Connecticut, people are getting very blasé...
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    6 UConn football players test positive for coronavirus

    This virus is so infectious, it wouldn't take much at all for this to happen. Takes a great effort to keep from being infected.
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    OT: UNC shuts down in person classes [merged thread]

    The University of North Carolina has discovered many infected students, and "The Daily Tarheel" went bonkers on the university's leaders: "...(UNC) Provost Bob Blouin and the rest of the administration are far too eager to...
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    PAC 12 cancels ALL SPORTS until 2021 -- including Basketball.

    The states that refused to take action early on, which are now experiencing massive rates of infection, now have four months to accept science and modern public health practices. If they do what Europe did, then there is an outside chance that in January, something could come out of the season...
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    UConn women’s freshmen are eager to make some noise on the court

    The Courant just published an article saying that out-of-state students would not be permitted to remain on campus this fall. What does that mean for UConn's women's basketball roster?
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    OT: Big 10 to officially cancel football season tomorrow

    That's exactly it! It's the fact that players were balking at the requirement to indemnify the universities should the players get sick that seemed to stick in their craw. And also the growing talk about a college players' union. I think the conference, and behind them the NCAA, got really...
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    Sue Bird Ruminates On WNBA Future

    Is Paige the most celebrated recruit in the media that we've ever had? I can't recall any, except maybe Diana Taurasi, who've received this sort of media attention before they played a game for Connecticut. Just feels like lots and lots of celebrity. Naturally, I really hope it all pans...