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    Next Year's Roster

    How is this going to work guys? Maximum of 13 D1 scholarships available for women's basketball programs. E Liv Christyn Aubrey Anna Paige Aaliyah Nika Mir Piath Saylor Azzi Caroline Amari That's 14. Is E leaving? Is somebody transferring here?
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    UConn is in XRM's final three.

    Landing XRM would be the key to a successful start to the Ollie era. We're talking about a 6'4" prolific and knockdown shooter from distance, still growing into his body, with pro potential. Undoubtedly would be the centerpiece of KOs first recruiting class. For the '13-'14 season we could...
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    The AD's Ability to Hire: Myth or Fact

    I could care less about KOs win-loss record this year, and how he coaches his players on the court. After all, it's a rebuilding year. Bottom line is CAN HE RECRUIT. If he gets a couple big time players to commit to the Conn over the next year, he deserves a longer term deal, regardless of...
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    UConn-'Cuse game thread

    Tiff playing like an absolute beast.:mad:
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    You would think getting beasted every day by AD in practice would make AO a much better player. Seems like the opposite has happened, and it has affected his confidence. JC is a master motivator, and I expect him to whip AO back into shape by the post season. He's got to understand that the...
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    FSU game thread

    R u serious? We gave them an uncontested 3 to win the game. Fortunate to escape with the W. AD is learning to play like a beast on the defensive end without fouling. And Boat is a mini version of D-rose, who he models his game after. DD's minutes suffered with Boat's return. Hope it doesnt...
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    FSU game thread

    The Show delivers...
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    FSU game thread

    Eerily like yesterdays game. Double digit lead gone, u can feel the momentum shifting. Interesting to see how we handle it.
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    FSU game thread

    The Conn having success with the 3 guard lineup, reminiscent of last season.
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    FSU game thread

    Really impressed with Boat. He's gonna be key for this team, getting into the lane and creating for others.

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