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    2021 Recruiting: Jordan Hawkins

    Jordan Shuttlesworth all day
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    Poll: Best RECRUIT Hurley has landed this far?

    This shouldn’t be a ? Go read a Bouk.
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    RIP Stanley Robinson

    RIP Sticks. It’s so crazy and too much right now
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    James Bouknight NBA scouting report

    What NBA scout is concerned with perimeter defense? Boykin is a star. But should wait until after Jr. season if they’re still sleeping.
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    Syracuse finally comes to terms with reality

    Canada’s #2 Team on Boeheim’s court in the carrier?
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    OT: Mahomes signs 10-year, $400+ million extension

    In the NFL?... goshdarn. Salute
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    AAC Tournament Cancelled

    Honestly in all fairness the NCAA needs to figure out a way for all seniors to have the option to return and honor all scholarship spots that would have been lost in order for the incoming freshmen or whatever transfers to play. If it leads to 20 man rosters so be it. It’s “amateur” sports...
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    Whaley Ave.

    This is exactly why I’m a UConn fan . Other than I’m from New Haven. I love seeing the development from year to year. He could’ve easily gave up and perhaps transfer. Instead he worked hard and ate mad PB & J’s to get bigger,improve,and prove he belonged. One love to Isiah Whaley.
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    Akok achilles

    This sucks big time... put a real damper on the rest of the game for me after watching that kid get so emotional. Prayers for a full recovery
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    Stupid in game comments archived until the game is over

    Its not the coaching. The bum Ollie recruits must go. You can’t judge a coach before a full recruiting cycle, unless rules are broken.
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    Stupid in game comments archived until the game is over

    You don’t it too chances. These dudes been bums under two different coaching staff’s. They are who they are. I’ll wait to judge the coach after a recruiting cycle.
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    Stupid in game comments archived until the game is over

    This is a sad moment... DH should get rid of all Ollie recruits after the season. They’re losers point blank. And that spreads
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    Villanova beats 1Kansas

    Nova just pulled out a close win against the number one ranked team and Nova is still a few games ahead on schedule. I believe we can beat Them.
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    Gaffney took a big step forward tonight

    Gaffney is a true freshman point guard. Most of his mistakes looked like pure nervousness. The kid obviously has a high level of talent and can dribble. Once the game slows down with experience, He’ll be fine.
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    26 turnovers last night, 48 in last two games

    I hope I’m right in believing that the rash of turnovers in the last two games comes from the lay offs in between games.