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    Poll: You Can only attend ONE Home Game, Which Game and Why?

    While i have deep deep dislike to anything TN and Notre Dame, reality is that those 2 games will (should) not be too competitive. The Arkansas game got a revenge factor but it's a very different team than last season and there is no real history between the 2 teams. I chose Louisville as i want...
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    August recruiting thread

    Seems like she's got the full package, can go left or right, shoots well from all 3 levels, good passer (one hand or 2 hands) and she is only a freshmen...Wow...hopefully she'll be a Husky!
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    Azzi Fudd U-19 stats after 6 games...

    Geno will probably will work hard on getting Azzi to be more aggressive with her shots like he did with Paige...the great news for Azzi and us as fans of UConn is that she comes to the right team for her where her unselfishness will be rewarded by getting the ball when she is open and i fully...
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    OT: USWNT - Who's next?

    Arike is a great player and would be perfect for the 3x3 but should have nothing to do with the 5x5 National team. Just too much of a 1 on 1 player with bad shot selection and decision maker...
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    OT: USWNT - Who's next?

    I don't know about the world championship but the USA should be inviting Paige, Sabrina and Clark for every camp they have to get experience as they are the future and i believe will be on the 2024 Olympics team.
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    OT: 3 best / worst takeaways from the Tokyo Olympics

    loved the announcers for wrestling...didn't care much for the sport before the Olympics and became a fan during! Also love the announcing teams for Swimming and Track and Field!
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    U19 World Cup - August 7-15

    Clark's "problem" is that she knows she can score from anywhere so she shoots from anywhere....
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    Olympic women's basketball tournament (5x5) (SPOILER ALERT)

    I hope Dawn plays the starting 5 longer as there the second team is way less efficient. Team USA needs Bird, Stewie and Griner to play at least 30 min. in the final
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    Olympics US Women 3x3

    Gray has been impressive so far! makes amazing plays on both sides of the ball!
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    Tonight at 7 on espn Olympic team versus...

    As others wrote, Team USA got an issue with the guards...they are not that great for this's lucky to have Bird (and hopefully DT) to make it look like team USA and not just a group of talented individual players. Gray and SDS are just not the type of PG's needed for such a team to...
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    Paige is a true PG! She wants to make sure everyone gets their shine
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    RIP Kib

    Rest In Peace Kibitzer!
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    Azzi assesses her progress in summer session

    Wasn't Sales and then A. Jones the first precious and probably N. Collier?
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    Staley A Match For Trailblazers?

    Hammon actually paid her dues as a coach at the NBA level and if anyone should be that first female head coach in the WNAB it's her. With all due respect to Staley she is only the 3rd or 4th best coach in WBB (IMO Geno, Tara and Kim M. are better coaches).
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    Pressing Daniel Connolly [merged thread]

    Muhl is a great player and brings defense, hustle, energy and toughness. Her 3 point shot became a weapon towards the end of the season and she was doing well on lay-ups (which she missed early in the season). She needs to work on her mid range shots to be a more complete player and her...
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