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    RIP Stanley Robinson

    Damn, RIP Stan
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    Music - Shawn James

    If you happened to watch the video above, today will be another live show if you would like to check him out.
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    Bill Withers - RIP

    Yeah he was SOOOO good.
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    Bill Withers - RIP
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    Music - Shawn James

    Not sure any of you know who this guy is but give it a listen. If you are an audioslave fan at the 58 min mark he covers Like A Stone and its amazing.
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    The Witcher (Netflix)

    This is based on the books for the most part. Most of the first season was based on a book called The Last Wish, a collection of short stories that introduce you to the major characters you will be encountering. Moving forward the show should me a good bit more sense. If you are a reader and...
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    There is a video game tournament on ESPNNews right now

    Where did anyone post that? Did you miss the E part? The money for these events is nuts in some cases. I play and watch Rainbow 6 and the last major event they had the prize pool was $2,000,000. with I think $160,000 to each winning team member.
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    Nice night for some of our UCONN alums...Kemba Good Lord!

    Would love to see them get out from under the Batum contract. Maybe trade him and some bench guys or pics to Washington for Beal so we can get another scorer next to Kemba. No one here ( I live in Charlotte ) wants to see him gone but at the same time wouldnt blame him if he went somewhere else.
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    Your favorite videogames (rpgs)

    Really? I thought the first one was a blast. This is better in every way, to me at least. You feel much more connected to the characters.
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    Your favorite videogames (rpgs)

    Any one playing Red Dead Redemption 2? Its amazing.
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    Bands You Missed Out On

    Back in the day they were one of the best live acts around. So much passion and energy. Saw them in 91 down in Miami at an outdoor amphitheater and it was amazing. Got in on a fake ticket and even got high with a security dude. Once Perry got into the Porno for Pyros stuff they kind of went...
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    Your favorite videogames (rpgs)

    A streamer buddy of mine played the new GOW and its SUCH a good game. I have not gotten that one yet but will at some point. I am probably going to go nuts with games a Xmas this year. So many titles coming out all at once. Not to mention The Last of Us 2 coming up in the spring of 2019. That is...
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    Your favorite videogames (rpgs)

    Thanks for the @ @Mano ! I am still grinding the crap out of Rainbow Six Siege these days. Though I am still a sucker for Fallout 4 and spending hours messing around in the wasteland. Some one above mentioned the Witcher. I never played the first 2 but Witcher 3 may be one of the best RPG games...
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    TV Guilty Pleasure

    Holy cow. Arent you around my age? Ever play a game called Stardew Valley? Wifie loves that one.
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    TV Guilty Pleasure

    What do you play Kathy? I rarely watch TV and its almost always sports. BUT, if I am done playing games, and its on, Phineus and Ferb.