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    UConn athletic department deficit reached $42 million in 2019 with a decline in ticket sales and league revenue

    7 homes games do the math. 475,000 per game maybe 30 x 15000 per game.
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    Small Goals For Today v Cincinnati

    At halftime
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    Small Goals For Today v Cincinnati

    Actually cincy football scored more than Sacred Heart in last nights basketball game
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    Small Goals For Today v Cincinnati

    Small goal. Get to the plane on time
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    What an absolute joke

    Susan Herbst killed football
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    Season Tickets for 2019-2020

    Lee Perkins did this at Kansas. People going 50 years were bounced
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    UConn athletic department in 2018: generated $40 million in revenue, $81 million in expenses

    The end started the The end started the day Randi quit and Susan started. It’s been a series of very bad decisions since then ! Horrible teams and a 40 million $ deficit didn’t happen overnight
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    Were #130 !

    Ok. Maybe 128. Before this embarrassment
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    Were #130 !

    It’s official.
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    Why keep football ?

    Rankings : Out of 129 124 (-1) Connecticut Huskies (1-5) 125 Texas State Bobcats (1-4) 126 Bowling Green Falcons (1-5) 127 Rice Owls (1-5) 128 San Jose State Spartans (0-5) 129 Texas-El Paso Miners (0-6)
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    I think we're turning the corner

    We all must face reality. The recruits that have been at the home games will never come to UCONN if they have options. The program has fallen apart with much of the Athletic Department. The AD will be gone if he can go back to the SEC. Everyone knows he is looking. No different than when...
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    OC Job Posted - Assistant Football Coach/Offensive Coordinator (Specialist 2A)

    We will never know how UCONN hires . They use a professional recruiting firm and a committee from the UCONN community Educators, coaches, donors ... That's how PP BD and the AD were selected Larry and Susan make the ultimate decision
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    Still No Show of Support for HCBD?

    Lol They don't have one