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    RIP Charlie Daniels

    I didn't know he released another version. Always loved the original. And Now I'm glad I didn't hear the newer version.
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    ONO vs Boston

    YOKO ONO is suing the city of Boston?!
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    OT: RIP Dame Vera Lynn

    What a beautiful voice.
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    Geno and Diana on Instagram

    Great great video of the Coach & D . Thanks for posting this! I could listen to them go back and forth for hours.
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    WNBA draft, April 17

    Jackie Young/WNBA draft 2019 Round: 1 / Pick: 1 (Not exactly ancient history)
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    WNBA draft, April 17

    Finally to the LYNX. Wish Maya would come back.
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    WNBA draft, April 17

    Still no CD? What the heck!
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    Vic Schaefer to Texas

    Sure he could - make more money.
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    OT: The Coronavirus thread (merged thread)

    Economic suicide is better than just plain suicide. I'll take the hit if it means saving lives. What your advocating could kill millions. Not 60K or 80K but MILLIONS because there is no vaccine. We've NEVER worked so hard to stop something from spreading and 500 people still died in the USA...
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    Ever wonder about Chris Daley was like as a player?

    The video on YOUTUBE is private? That's a drag.
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    Our consecutive final four record is still intact [merged]

    I feel bad for Oregon. I know people were high on SC and that's justifiable but at least they won before. This was such a great opportunity for Oregon and I was pulling for them. I don't think Sabrina would have let them lose. The pundits are saying they will be back with the great recruiting...
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    NCAAs officially canceled [merged thread]

    Well said Geno. VERY unfortunate for the players and teams that put in all the work, but - "An ounce of prevention". Very understandale decision. It's a worldwide health crisis.
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    No fans at NCAA men's or women's tournament [merged thread]

    This sure is going to be strange.
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    Prognosticators Tournament Game 3 (Cincinnati) Predictions

    Withering Defense by UCONN We win 85-45
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    USF Postgame Thread [merged thread]

    It looked to me like Aubrey flying in for the rebound is the one who caught Klya's arm and knocker her off balance while in the air. I didn't USF touched her. Just a fluke with players going after the ball.