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  1. Blakeon18

    OT: Memphis 152 OKC 79

    Games like that aren't good for the NBA. But games with that kind of margin happen every year in women's college basketball....that does include UConn but they come from all over...and they too are not 'good' for women's hoops.
  2. Blakeon18

    Seton Hall game Friday...where is it on TV?

    Centerstream: I confess that your mention confused me...happens apology needed. I do get SNY...thank heavens...but thought they maybe were sidelined for Seton Hall.
  3. Blakeon18

    Seton Hall game Friday...where is it on TV?

    Does SNY carry this game? If not...who does?
  4. Blakeon18

    Azzi out for 2 weeks minimum

    Obviously UConn and Azzi should be cautious about this. I'd be thrilled if she were back and at 100% health by early January. Pure speculation: I wonder if she is 'close' at that point. Might Geno and Azzi have a sit-down about delaying her return to a few weeks be conservative...
  5. Blakeon18

    November Recruiting Thread

    No Ciera Toomey on that list of underclass kids ? ? ?
  6. Blakeon18

    OT: Golf: Lee Elder historical figure

    Milford: check your email. A 'tale' I have read in several places...not a 'tall tale'. On Elder's first day at the Masters he was walking from the practice putting green to the first tee. All of the African American employees at the course had left their posts and formed a corridor for him to...
  7. Blakeon18

    Gatorade signs Paige to multi-year deal

    Congratulations to Paige....uhh...and to Gatorade!
  8. Blakeon18

    OT: Golf: Lee Elder historical figure Sad to see this news a few minutes ago. The link takes you to an article about Lee's role in the history of golf...a significant one for sure. An incredibly gracious man throughout his long...
  9. Blakeon18

    Results today (11/26)

    What is 'up' with Vandy and what is 'down' with Rutgers? Is it just a matter of Shea's presence and C. Viv's absence? Someone pointed out that Rutgers has also lost to Stony Brook...yikes!
  10. Blakeon18

    Cole is going to need some Help

    Regarding the ball-handling: Is there any chance of rethinking the Corey Floyd red-shirt?
  11. Blakeon18

    OT: UConn basketball on TV today...guy-side

    Good guys win 70-63 in OT. Ugly game thruout...Cole [guard] big game in points. They do NOT handle defensive pressure well. Could gave won all 3 games here or lost all 3. Went 2-1. Will stay in top 25 but the TOs and shooting woes need work. Cole seems to be guts of the team...very reliant...
  12. Blakeon18

    OT: UConn basketball on TV today...guy-side

    Halftime; VCU 28 UConn 26. UConn extremely lucky to be down by only 2. Poor shooting combined with raggedy running the offense. Got 2 gift points in the last 1/10th second with a foul by VCU on a 50 foot heave. VCU can't shoot either but they run a much better half-court offense so far.
  13. Blakeon18

    OT: UConn basketball on TV today...guy-side

    Heads-up: espn2 around 1:30 UConn men vs. Virginia Commonwealth.....should be a competitive game. BTW: Baylor pulling away from Michigan State late in the championship game....VCU gave Baylor a genuine game in the semis. Baylor [national #6] was pre-tourney fav.
  14. Blakeon18

    November Recruiting Thread

    Do we know...for sure...whether we have interest in her...and do we know...for sure...that she has indicated that it is mutual? Could she wind up being Svetlana #2 in Storrs? That worked out pretty well for the team and for Svet.
  15. Blakeon18

    OT: UConn basketball on TV today...guy-side

    Poor shooting in the first half...down 32-24. Played solid for most of the second half took a nice lead...did not finish well...offense pretty much a mess the last several possessions. Excuses...or reasons: missing a key player today....kept him out to be super-cautious after fainting spell...
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