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    Hartford Area Hidden Lunch Gems?

    I haven't seen it mentioned but Mickey's Oceanic in East Hartford is a true hidden gem, they've been there 53 years! Their spicy fish sandwich is solid and it's on sale every Mon Tue Wed for $4.59.
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    OT PGA Championship

    Tiger's going to miss the cut. He looks totally defeated.
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    I'm passing through Storrs for first time in June ...Need Advice

    Has anyone been to Camille's in tolland just off I 84? I've heard the pizza is solid.
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    UConn @ Top 15 ECU (Thur. 4/18 @6:30p, *Sat. 4/20 Double Header> Game 2 starting @ 9a followed by Game 3*)

    ECU batter listed as "recreation and park management" major. That's gotta be some tough classes.
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    Huskies in the Pros (Baseball)

    He's in limbo somewhere. He's gonna be a good one. San Jose Giants roster.
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    OT: Cord Cutters

    Not cord cutting per se, but kinda. I have Triple play with Comcast: internet, cable, voice for my home office land line. I have a cell phone through ATT for $65/month. That charge kills me, my cell phone use is small and I use no data. I just switched the cell to Xfinity mobile. Talk and...
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    UConn vs. Memphis @ J.O.C. (Fri. 4/1/19 @ 3p, Sat 4/13 @ 1p & Sun. 4/14 @ *11:00am*)

    I put this in the "Huskies in Pros" thread last week...anybody know what's up with Patrick Ruotolo? He was lights-out last year in AA as a closer but has disappeared from any SF Giants minor league roster.
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    Biggest Choke Job in Sports

    I was in a bar on Wall Street packed with suites who were playing hookie from work to watch that game. Place went berserk when Dent hit it. One of the happiest days of my life. Well, maybe top ten.
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    Boneyard Off Season Dad Jokes

    I was addicted to the hokey pokey...but I turned myself around.
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    Post your pet picture

    Morty and Mel
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    Good ESPN Article on the 99 Championship

    My car sticker. Buy yours.
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    OT: Favorite Song Covers

    If you love beautiful guitar playing, this entire show is made up of John Lennon covers.
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    Hornets 2011 Championship Game Roundtable

    Where can I get that pizza cap Kemba is sporting? Gotta have one.