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    OT: Shellfish

    So glad to hear that. I worked on Roia for a while during the planning stage. Avi is a super nice guy!
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    OT: Pick Your Favorite Song by a Group/Artist

    I've been come understand that this is not a favorite song compilation but a favorite song by any artist.. I give you Annie Clark also known as St Vincent. My vote for the most beautiful woman of rock, plays guitar and sings. Her current stuff is crazy beautiful. I dig a pony
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    American Athletic Coaches Talk Anonymously About Conference Foes for 2019

    Speaking of Pindell Still grinding.
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    OT: Best place to get a Gyro?

    Fresh Craft Grille in Bristol Fresh Craft Grille
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    2019 Summer Program begins...

    2:00 live press conference on Uconn Huskies FB page. Link
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    Films Worth Viewing

    I was there with my 13 year old daughter, her first concert. Great show. While walking to the car afterwards I asked her how she liked it. Her first words were "I want to learn how to play the guitar". Which she did. Love the Heads. Saw them at CBGB, and later at Forest Hills. DByrne and I...
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    OT: Best Vocalist You've Seen Live

    I was at that show and you're right Clapton was a bore. But the star of that show was Clapton's side man Derek Trucks who outplayed Clapton ten fold.
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    OT: 5 second food on the ground rule?

    Hand blow dryers spray your hands with fecal matter. Lovely. Paper towels are moderately more safe, but zh!t is everywhere in a public toilet. Hold it in, assuming your prostate likes you.
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    Will Hartford Athletic ever win a game?

    Do you have to pay for parking?
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    End of Society - Mad Magazine to stop publishing new issues

    National Lampoon's letters to the editor were always great. My favorite: Someone shaved my wife tonight. --Sugarbear.
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    Odd statistics about your life.

    I was arrested. Once. For having an unlicensed dog. Kind of a long story. So I'm in the system now. The arresting officer at the police station couldn't believe what was happening. After fingerprinting I asked him if we're doing a mug shot. He said "F that."
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    OT: Best Beer

    Just picked up a 6 pack of Jai Alai at Crazy Bruce for 10.99. They had plenty, cracking one open in two minutes (needs 30 minutes in the freezer to cool down).
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    Odd statistics about your life.

    No hitters pitched: 1 Years lived in NYC: 10 Times mugged in NYC: 1 (They threatened to kill me. Guess what? They didn't. I gave them my watch.)
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    UConn day at Yankee Stadium.

    That's my cousin's son Andrew. Represent Andrew! Uconn day at Yankee Stadium
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    Poll: How many NHL games have you attended since the Whalers left?

    What years were you at RPI? I was there '72-'76 and the every hockey game was sold out in the 4,000 seat Field House. We would camp out two weeks in advance to get season tickets.