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    UConn @ Conway S. Carolina (3/5 v. Miami (OH) @ Noon, 3/6 v. Davidson College @ 10:30a, 3/7 v. Coastal Carolina @ 3p & 3/8 v. Coastal Carolina @ Noon)

    The original post title has all these games listed in May. Can we get this changed to March, looks kinda goofy. Mods?
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    Best soup based lunch

    Anybody have a good Pho restaurant in the Hartford area? I've never had but want to try.
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    Hot sauce. Great cause. Terrible mojo.

    Number one rule...if you think it affects the mojo, it does.
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    OT: Stuff you didn’t know you needed

    Also GREAT on bathtub soap scum
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    Chief’s Briefs - DePaul 2 Edition

    Tyrese looked gassed at the end, but he powered through.
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    Hot Tubs & Inground Pools

    This was my pool and hot tub in CT way back when. Sold the house in 2003. At that time I calculated based on maintenance and upkeep it cost me $50 every time I swam in it. (Not including the initial cost.) Kids loved it though.
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    The Zen of UConn

    Also, remarkably I'm connected to DFW by only one degree of separation. There's a great flick about him called "The End of the Tour".
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    The Zen of UConn

    My favorite author. I've read everything he's written. His suicide made me cry. If you had a hard time with Infinite Jest give "The Pale King " a try. Good luck.
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    Be a legend David Benedict- Go get Gus Malzhan

    I'm calling it. Rhett Lashlee to Auburn. :eek:
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    OT: Can’t throw a toga party so pet pics

    Morty and Mel are a little concerned.
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    The Queen's Gambit - Netflix

    I'm an architect, and an interior designer. I loved the wall paper.
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    The Queen's Gambit - Netflix

    It gets better once she'a grown up. She is gorgeous.
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    OT: Favorite arcade game machine in the 1980s and where was it located?

    Starcastle. Arcade in Chinatown NYC
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