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    Big 10 - wow

    I won't argue that RU has had an "easier" start to B10 play than other teams, though 4/6 first B10 games have been on road. I'd put RU behind Iowa, NW, Indiana, MD so far based on quality wins, though that could change. RU's best wins so far are GT on neutral court (Massey #23), Purdue on road...
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    Indiana (14) @ Rutgers - 12/31/19

    I read CVS's press conference differently. She basically said: Indiana is a very good team, and RU didn't execute the way they needed to. She said some of that is because certain players didn't know where they needed to be, that she wasn't able to run everything she wanted to yet. And someone...
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    Lauren Cox practicing

    Queen has played well for Baylor no doubt, but Cox brings a lot more to the game than just points and rebounds (And Queen did not play well against Boston and SC---getting 4 fouls in just 14min). She's almost certainly the best defensive big in the country, plus has leadership and experience in...
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    Excellent summary of top upsets in WCBB so far

    From the Rutgers board, but BeKnighted is a national treasure (if you're interested, BeKnighted does a summary of the top games EVERY NIGHT; it starts with RU opponents/B10, but covers major national games as well)...
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    We're # 1!!!!

    Kind of like what happened to UConn last year (Though the OOC schedule overall had more top 25 games). UConn had three marquee games last year (4 if you include SC). ND, Baylor, Louisville. UConn went 1-2 (2-2 if you count SC) and got a #2 seed. Assuming a win against Tennessee (which I feel...
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    Now Look at us.......

    Fair enough, though given that UConn is the only team in the nation with two #1 prospects on their team, (and two other starters ranked in the top 5), I think any "rebuilding" analysis was pretty lame. That being said, the leap forwards this year from both Walker and ONO have been very...
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    Now Look at us.......

    Not to dampen anyone's enthusiasm, but I guess I'm wondering who all these "many" people are? UConn started the year ranked #4/5--meaning the "experts" expected UConn to get back to the Final Four going into the season.
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    We're # 1!!!!

    Indeed, not sure what happened there. (Well, Missouri State was not ranked when Oregon State played them, but doesn't explain how I missed the win over Miami). Updated above.
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    We're # 1!!!!

    It's been a weird year in that there have not been many "marquee" matchups thus far. You've had a couple teams in the top 10 notch a marquee win (that is, against another team in the Top 10) and then follow it up with a loss to an (at the time) unranked team. Louisville beat Oregon, then went...
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    How UConn dominated the decade [Merged thread]

    Fair, but it gets a lot closer. UConn (non Breanna years): 1 championships, 5 final fours ND (non Breanna years): 1 championship, 3 runner ups, 1 elite 8, 1 sweet 16
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    How UConn dominated the decade [Merged thread]

    Two words: Breanna Stewart.
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    Van lith to Louisville

    I may be forgetting someone, but in my mind, he's had two elite prospects at Louisville: Angel McCoughtry and Asia Durr. He seemed to know how to reach Angel and get her to play to her potential in college, and she's obviously become a terrific pro after becoming a #1 draft pick. Asia Durr...
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    Van lith to Louisville

    I guess I don't get where the idea comes from that Walz isn't a good coach/developer of players? in 12 years as a HC, he's been to three final fours, including 2 championship games. Louisville is always good to very good, and he's made it happen with talent that has been excellent, but not...
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    WNBA Draft Lottery will take place on Sept. 17 on ESPN2

    Indiana is also getting back Vivians, who had a very solid rookie year, plus what one would expect is a much improved McCowan (which will be scary for the rest of the league).
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    2019 FIBA Americup

    It's bizarre for many reasons, particularly because there are other good SC alums who are guards (Allisha Gray, Tiffany Mitchell) in the WNBA.