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Recent content by AZHuskiePop

  1. AZHuskiePop

    Sanogo out

    This s no shock I was hoping it was nothing but Hurley mentioned in his press conference That Sonogo had a lower abdominal issue. Possibly a hernia and was taken out for precaution. That explains the atmosphere at the presser.
  2. AZHuskiePop

    RJ and Sanogo

    He got a lot to learn and for board members who are critical of him should watch the 1999 championship game. Duke’s Big was Elton Brand and one of the keys was preventing him from passing out by doubling him. He was POY and had a decent NBA career for guy considered small by their Standards. In...
  3. AZHuskiePop

    Does this push ND to join a conf?

    They get a cut of the ACC deal as a basketball member. Forget their football media deal it’s probably the less than any P5 conference. However the media deal makes up only a minority % of their athletic revenue. The last I looked the media deal was a paltry $15,000,000 for football. other...
  4. AZHuskiePop

    Home Heating Oil

    More important don’t put the fuel in a gasoline can used recently
  5. AZHuskiePop

    HAWK time???

    If you remember part of the success of 2011 was Lamb emerging as a scoring threat.Taking a little heat off Kemba . Lamb probably had a worse handle or at least similar to The Hawk Hurley has to play this kid or this team is a one trick pony.
  6. AZHuskiePop

    If you could pick one past UConn player…who would you add to this team?

    Some of these kids remember him at the end of an NBA career Even some older guys forget what a great athlete he was . I watched some old video and I had forgotten what a terrific rebounder he was and how he could get to the hoop and elevate I remember AzJr asked me what my first impression of...
  7. AZHuskiePop

    Going small was the right move

    I thought he said Sonogo was hurting with lower abdominal pain. They took him out in case it was a hernia. Im surprised no one posted on this
  8. AZHuskiePop

    Remembering Shabazz

    Shabazz almost cost us the NC iwith a huge TO in 2011 then made two FT to redeem himself. If we lost that game and for some reason didn’t win in 2014 he would be in Donyell missing FT class at UConn.
  9. AZHuskiePop

    Home Heating Oil

    Yes it actually Works well. I was shocked one 5 gal can Got me through the night I don’t miss paying to heat a house. The sun warms it up to 75 and even with overnight lows in the 40’ the house stays about 71-70 I call it solar heat. In January of 2002 I was in Hawaii when Ct had a week of...
  10. AZHuskiePop

    Hawkins needed to be on the court

    Yep a Jalen Adams would go well with this team. Unfortunately for both sides the timing didn’t work. Most agree that the addition of a shooter like Vital is a missing dimension. CV didn’t exactly have the best handle yet Putting this kid in who probably shoots better than CV depends on him...
  11. AZHuskiePop

    Seeking Your Thoughts On Akok

    Really his first time against better competition since the injury ,was probably a little overpowering. He has a long mental healing process. Baby steps will get you to the same destination it just takes longer. The key is to keep taking them. If Sainthood requires patience not many...
  12. AZHuskiePop

    If you’d a told me 18th KenPom

    First of all Baylor doesn’t beat us by 20 if at all. And there is a big drop off after the the top 3-4 , you could almost put the next 15 in a hat and pick blindly.
  13. AZHuskiePop

    If you’d a told me 18th KenPom

    If we won three in the Bahamas I suspect we would have been top ten. Us against Baylor would have been interesting. I think under normal circumstances we’re 8-10 pts better than MSU currently. That may or may no be true in March. Instead some weaknesses got exposed true however we got punched...
  14. AZHuskiePop

    Week 3 Games (Non-UConn)

    That’s why comparative scores can be misleading
  15. AZHuskiePop

    Any word on Whaley

    My experience is the prep the day before is by far the worst. I had my last in my early 70’s and since I was on a ten year cycle , I will be too old for another. My mom’s twin brother died of colon cancer so I‘ve had three The colonoscopy sure beats the alternative.I’ve seen it close up...
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