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Recent content by Artifact

  1. Artifact

    Sunday (12/5) vs Notre Dame

    A 30 pt. win against Notre Dame ? I'm sure they will 'love' this motivation !
  2. Artifact

    Two undefeated teams, Maryland and Indiana lost today

    I'm not a coach, but I concur with this multi player approach. Remember, 'Experience is the Best Teacher but the Most Expensive'. So we lose some games, but win the 'Last Big One ' !
  3. Artifact

    Mir ?

    A Stamford rotation of 10-12 players rotation, paid dividends last years, even with a number of losses . Their lower rating was traded off so that players receive a great deal of experience which in the end, proved fruitful in winning the big 'Championship Game', with a number one rating !
  4. Artifact

    The UConn Huskies Have a SERIOUS PROBLEM

    We have a lot of depth, without a lot of experience ! Please, give us time.
  5. Artifact

    KK Arnold to UConn [merged thread]

    Interesting ! You make a decision, for a player, because of 1 in. difference ?
  6. Artifact

    UConn, the Alabama of Basketball

    'PRESSURE' is great, provided it generates equal 'Response' !
  7. Artifact

    Post game thread (merged thread)

    I want to thank, Arkansas for helping us to exhibit our strength & weakness as a team !
  8. Artifact

    Kiki commits to UCLA

    Want to wish, 'KiKi,'only the best & success, in her playing basketball career at UCLA !
  9. Artifact

    Chasing Kiki Rice -A waste of UConn's time?

    Me think's, that her parent's, will have the greatest influence on her decision where she end's up ! Just look at her parent's background. I have strong reservations that she will not end-up on Geno's team. But, 'Never say Never'.
  10. Artifact

    Returners, newcomers fighting for minutes on deep, talented team

    Reading a lot of 'talk' about who's to play & who needs improvement! I say, that 'simply' put, their game performing actions, will dictate who plays & who sits. Only the 'best' to this 'Great Team' assembled by Geno!
  11. Artifact

    LIv NIL deal with Fabletics

    For time spent in 'Sports' yes, in 'Studies', I would not short change her !
  12. Artifact

    OT: Olympics: U.S. Women’s Soccer

    I have strong reservations concerning the U. S. A. Women's soccer team !
  13. Artifact

    Paige better get her signing hand ready this summer

    I believe this NIL opportunities passage is a , 'COACHES NIGHTMARE'! I do not believe it encourages team unity on any team!
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