Chance for UCONN Hockey gear at the Women's Hockey game tomorrow!

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    Hey guys!

    I'm a senior at the University of Connecticut and I have been fortunate enough to partner with the UCONN Women's Hockey team to lead a fundraiser in order to collect clothing for homeless youth throughout Connecticut.

    Before tomorrow's UCONN Women's Hockey game vs. Maine at Freitas Ice Forum at 7 PM, well be conducting a clothing drive at the entrance to the arena. If you bring an article of clothing to donate you can swap it for UCONN Hockey T-Shirt, or other branded items such as water bottles and hats.

    I know the UCONN Men's Hockey team also has an important game tomorrow against Boston University but if you happen to be going to the UCONN Women's Hockey game or know someone who is then please spread the word!

    Thanks guys! and GO HUSKIES!!
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    You should do this at a men's game, too.
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