Elijah Thomas Adds UConn to His List

A few months back Thomas cut his list down to ten so it would be more manageable for him and his family to deal with and UConn was nowhere on that list. However, things have changed and now coach Ollie has gotten UConn onto the elite big mans list.

In a self-written blog for USA Today a few days ago Thomas first stated that he was now talking with UConn and listening to what they had to tell him. However, late last night and early this morning many people started spreading the news that he decided to drop Florida from his list and as a result UConn was officially in his top 10.

I caught up with the big man to get his thoughts on UConn and where they stood. He told me that he and coach Ollie were developing a good relationship and that they are talking everyday now. He also mentioned that his family loves Ollie and that he’s a funny person to talk with.

When I asked about what makes UConn attractive to him the answer was pretty simple, “They have a great coaching staff and they produce NBA players.” That is what many recruits say. UConn was brought back into the lime light of college basketball again after winning this years National Championship. Many people thought UConn was going to slowly fade away but Kevin Ollie proved that, that will not happen under his control. As a result UConn will have at least one player in this years draft to go along with about a dozen players currently in the league.

From here coach Ollie will have to continually show that Elijah is one of his top targets. I would expect to hear about some type of visit paid by Ollie to go and see Elijah sometime soon. If he were to come to UConn he would play huge minutes early and could be a difference maker for coach Ollie’s team.

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